Saturday, April 23, 2011

Video: Node.js: JavaScript on the Server

A good video at Google Tech Talks by Ryan Dahl on Node.js. Give him a couple of minutes to relax: Node.js: JavaScript on the Server

Some timecodes that I noted:

2:00 the importance of avoiding too much abstraction in efficiency

7:00 interesting discussion around Erlang

28:00 the process object on the server parallels the window object in the browser

As with many of these videos there are always new URLs to explore:

Plurk: Twitter-like service

Curl: Used in showing some examples towards the end of the video.

It sounds like the commonjs mailing list is for hardcore JavaScript developers.

I'm interested in Node.js on the server-side for some interactive mobile application (games and other) ideas. Ideally will try to find it hosted so I don't have to roll my own (virtual) server.

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