Sunday, November 13, 2011

Improving Website Performance

Some great resources from Steve Souders (Google, Yahoo performance background).

Bad audio at the start, but has great info on making websites faster.

High Performance Web Sites and YSlow (14 Rules)

A follow on video after the first 14 rules.Covers YSlow, but much more. Javascript loading. Interesting busy indicator analysis around 29:00.

Even Faster Websites

And a follow on video:

Life's Too Short - Write Fast Code (part 2)

Steve Souder's website:

YSlow (for Firefox)

HTTPWatch (IE, Firefox)


Much of Steve Souder’s argument is that optimizing on the server is great for saving hardware and power consumption, but look first at the front end for perceived performance gains. He’s with Google now after a long stint with Yahoo.

Another video discussing similar issues, but for the mobile environment:

Mobile Web Performance (Guy Podiarny)

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