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Job Search: A Challenging Job

I've been in my new position for six months now so I have enough distance to write this posting. This past year I experienced unemployment for the first time. The why is not so important for this post (there are many good reasons in today's economy), but I wanted to record some tips that helped me through the experience. 1. Take care of yourself. Exercise regularly. Routine and ritual help you keep your balance. I have a meditation practice that was helpful. Get medical help if you need it. 2. Don't go it alone. Stay in touch with your family, friends, and religious community. 3. Focus. Decide what you want although it may very well change as you experience the ups and mostly downs of job search. Have target companies. They'll change too, but the world is so large that without a focus you'll feel lost. 4. Take a break. You can search for jobs all the time if you don't force yourself to take a break. It takes 48 hours to unwind (see  Cortisol ) though tru