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Eye-Tracking Options

Some links for various eye-tracking options: Tobii (hardware, variety of markets including gaming, well-established) iMotions (hardware, higher-end research, well-established) GazeRecorder (Webcam Eye-Tracking with an API GazeFlow)  (embed in your own webapp) RealEye (Webcam Eye-Tracking on a study-based platform) Hawkeye (iOS using TrueDepth camera, limited to latest iOS devices) Skyle for iPad (hardware, new in 2020) EyeZag (camera-based, no longer accepting new customers) WebGazer.js (camera-based, browser, open source) SeeSo (mobile eye-tracking) Useful: 10 Most Used Eye Tracking Metrics and Terms And a summary related to mobile games: TrackMa

Using R for Analyzing COVID-19 Clinical Trials from

Although I use R extensively in my work, samples can't be shared because of non-disclosure agreements with my clients. For this reason, I'm starting to build a portfolio of samples of my own work with R for data analysis and other tasks. Since COVID-19 is in the news now and I have experience with from my work with a biotech startup ( ), it seemed like a good way to start. The source code can be found at: Some techniques used daily include: select to remove, order, rename columns mutate to add columns or modify values in columns filter to eliminate rows from a data frame arrange to order rows in a data frame group_by and summarize to pivot replace_na to replace NA with (typically) zeros read_tsv (csv, etc.) to read delimited files packages readxl and writexl to read and write Excel files Many more examples to come, but I wanted to post something as a starting point.

Virtual Poker Experiment

In these times of social distancing our monthly poker group wanted to find a way to meet virtually. Since we play many variations of poker (we've been meeting for about 25 years) we needed a solution that was flexible and also provides the interaction of a virtual BYOB happy hour. The solution we found will only work with a group that you trust and is based on the honor system. Don't consider this a competitor for PokerStars or another online casino. Here's what we tried this past Friday night that worked pretty well... (images blurred to protect the "innocent" 😉) We used Whereby (Pro Plan - $10/month) for the video group call supporting up to 12 callers comfortably. They offer a free plan if you want to try it out with up to 4 people (bridge, hearts or spades would work well with 4). This solution is very convenient since it does not require an install and we wanted to minimize technical support issues with the group. For the card table interaction we us