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Using R for Analyzing COVID-19 Clinical Trials from

Although I use R extensively in my work, samples can't be shared because of non-disclosure agreements with my clients. For this reason, I'm starting to build a portfolio of samples of my own work with R for data analysis and other tasks.
Since COVID-19 is in the news now and I have experience with from my work with a biotech startup (, it seemed like a good way to start.
The source code can be found at:
Some techniques used daily include: select to remove, order, rename columnsmutate to add columns or modify values in columnsfilter to eliminate rows from a data framearrange to order rows in a data framegroup_by and summarize to pivotreplace_na to replace NA with (typically) zerosread_tsv (csv, etc.) to read delimited filespackages readxl and writexl to read and write Excel files Many more examples to come, but I wanted to post something as a starting point.