Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mobile HTML5 Dev Test Site: RingMark

Facebook sponsored test suite for HTML5 mobile development. Very cool.

Amazon's Journey to the Cloud

Amazon's Journey to the Cloud (by John Rauser)

Interesting history of how Amazon evolved from 1994 to about 2011 on the technology side.

Enjoyed the comparison of successful software development to the development of the Gossamer Condor where the recovery from failure was optimized.

Rauser is a big fan of Continuous Deployment.with pointers to Eric Reis and Timothy Fitz.

Also mentioned is performance analysis and how important site performance is as described in the presentation (2009) by Eric Schurman (Microsoft / Bing) and Jake Brutlag (Google).

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mobile Development at LinkedIn

Really useful 1 hour overview of how LinkedIn is doing mobile development. Node.js, native/HTML5 mix, various tools. Well worth the time.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

The Second Copernican Revolution

This is a change of pace from project management, software and mobile development. Astronomy has always been fascinating to me.

I was aware that other planets had been discovered outside of our solar system, but the count is now in the thousands and the thinking is that there are likely more planets than stars in the universe. Detection methods include not only wobble of a star, but light blocking of the planet as it passes in front of the star (including the detection of atmospheres around planets). Amazing stuff. Lots of discussion of the Mars Rover accomplishments. The mission has been essentially about geology to date and what can be determined from that alone is fascinating. The next Mars mission (Curiosity Rover) will be in the news starting in August, 2012 ( and it will have the ability to detect the building blocks of life. If life is confirmed on another planet and there are uncounted planets in the universe, one has to think that SETI ( is going to find something eventually.

The Google Tech Talk:

The Second Copernican Revolution: Our Changing View of Our Place in the Universe