Sunday, June 30, 2019

OneDrive: Personal and Business Accounts on the Same PC

I use Office 365 and have selected folders mirrored to OneDrive. When I started work for a company that uses Office 365 I was able to Add an account on the OneDrive / Settings and it created a new folder for storing those files.

The system tray now shows two icons, one for personal and one for business:

 and each has independent settings:

When you use the Sync feature in Sharepoint:

The location that is being synchronized shows up in the Settings dialog for the Business OneDrive:

I haven't tried configuring more than one business OneDrive on a PC (yet).

Thursday, May 23, 2019

C# with Blazor

With a background in C/C++ programming and having followed JavaScript and browser technologies for years, I thought experimenting with Blazor would give me an opportunity to come up to speed on C# while working in the browser environment (via Razor and WebAssembly). This has an added benefit because I work with projects that use C# / .NET and being familiar with this set of tools can only help with being a technical product/project manager.

Some links that I'm collecting before writing my learnings into some original content:

Blazor - Build client web apps with C# (it's now in preview, not experimental)

ASP.NET Razor Markup ("Razor uses a syntax very similar to PHP and Classic ASP.")

WebAssembly (Wasm)

Get started with Blazor (I'm using VS Code)

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Life in a BioSoftTech Startup

This past year or so I've been focused on my work with a startup company creating a 3D videogame (written in Unity) using eye-tracking technology to help those with Autism Spectrum Disorder improve social skills, emotion recognition, and eye contact. Check out the website for more detail ( A more established company in the "BioSoftTech" market is Akili Interactive.

Now that the product is in clinical trials, I am moving to a part-time contract position and expect to be able to write more often here. I'm offering technical product/project management services too.