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Using CodeCommit with RStudio on Windows

Just some notes from my learnings around Git and AWS... Assuming you're not the one responsible for granting access to AWS CodeCommit in your organization and you receive three pieces of information, something like this: 1) ssh:// 2) user: ABC123 3) Private Key (see below) The following article will be helpful: Setup Steps for SSH Connections to AWS CodeCommit Repositories on Windows After installing Git  consider installing software like Tortoise Git  for convenience. You might also want to install an SSH client like PuTTY . As part of the AWS instructions, you'll need to edit the config file in the c:\users\<username>\.ssh folder: Host git - codecommit .*. amazonaws . com User ABC123 IdentityFile ~/. ssh / codecommit_rsa and in the same folder, the codecommit_rsa file should contain the RSA key provided similar to the one below. Note that you might have to remove extra