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DOT (GV) Graph Definition Language

Playing around with graphing tools and ran across DOT (.GV) which meets the needs for simplicity that I have with a current side project. Just using this page to collect information in case it's useful to someone else. GVEdit (Graphviz) Helpful StackOverflow posting Graphviz in the Browser Based on this JavaScript library Google Charts Image Charts API also supports DOT for now... (deprecation notice) As long as Google supports it, this is a no-brainer way to show DOT scripts in the browser. Using Google Charts Image Charts API: https: // chart . googleapis . com / chart ? cht = gv & chl = digraph{node1[label = "Root%20Node" ][shape = box];node1 -> node2[ dir = both][label = " %202% 20inches" ];node2 -> {