Monday, February 18, 2013

Embracing Uncertainty

A worthwhile video that has some interesting overlap with my Zen studies:

Keynote: Embracing Uncertainty (Dan North)

Mentioned in the presentation:

Hofstede's cultural dimensions theory's_cultural_dimensions_theory

Matrix of Countries

Quick Ref of Dimensions

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Product Management Tool Kit (Chromebook Planning)

Some quick notes on tools that I want to have available as the Chromebook vs. Windows PC world becomes an option to consider. Will append to this note over time.

MS Office

Something comparable to the basics of MS Office are essential. Google Docs is probably sufficient, though I think it will begin to fall apart with spreadsheets larger than 10K rows. This is a pretty common occurrence in my work. Pivot Tables are also essential so need to evaluate those in Google Docs. Also need to experiment with presentations in Google Docs.

Screen Capture and Annotation

I use SnagIt every day on the Windows PC. Screencasts are becoming more important too.


Including ability to unzip RAR files.

Audio/Video Editing

These have been necessary with my volunteer work, not my day job. Would presumably delegate those to more expert resources.

Project Management

In the process of evaluating MS project on the web. Daptiv was another example used at a previous position. Issue tracking systems offer some of these features.

Any other tools are web-based these days including issue tracking, Wikis, version control, to do list, etc.

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More to come I expect....